Hospice Support for Patients and Families

Hospice is specialized healthcare for individuals nearing the end of their lives, with a focus on comfort rather than a cure. To pursue the best quality of life possible, all needs of the patients are addressed, including physical comfort, pain and other symptoms, as well as their emotional and spiritual well-being. We also recognize that a serious illness affects all those who love the patient, so we involve the entire family, offering services of support and education.

Hospice Caregiver Team

Wings of Hope Hospice provides high quality care throughout the end-of-life journey with the help of a professionally trained, interdisciplinary Hospice team. Each Hospice team member has special expertise in his or her area of care. This team of physicians, nurses, social workers, counselors, home health aides, spiritual care coordinators, therapists, and volunteers provides:

  • Expert pain and symptom management and physical support to ease discomfort
  • Emotional and spiritual support to help patients and families cope
  • Education to assist families to care for their loved one
  • Regular visits and work side by side with the patient, family and caregivers, and the patient’s physician
  • Patient and family support 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Grief support for family members for 13 months or for as long as they need it after their loss
  • All medications and supplies related to the patient’s terminal illness, including hospital beds, dressings, wheelchairs, etc.
  • Volunteer services that offer respite to caregivers and companionship to patients
  • This care is provided at no out-of-pocket cost to the patient

Each team member has a unique role in the end-of-life journey.

  • Hospice nurses work directly with the patient’s personal physician and the hospice medical director to develop a plan of care that meets the patient’s needs throughout the course of the illness.
  • Comfort caregiving is provided by family members or friends of the patient.
  • Training and encouragement is provided to family caregivers by clinicians and hospice volunteers.
  • Clinical care is provided by a team of professionals and volunteers who work as an interdisciplinary group on behalf of the patient.
  • Certified home health aides help with personal care.
  • The Hospice team educates and supports the family, friends, or nursing care facility staff to provide the primary care for the patient.
  • Volunteer help is available for a variety of services, including respite for the family, companionship for the patient, transportation, errands, light housework, meal preparation, etc.
Hospice Q&A

Wings of Hope Service AreaHospice Care Wherever You Live

Wings of Hope Hospice provides full service care throughout Allegan County, Van Buren County and surrounding communities. Although patients most often receive hospice care in their private homes, care is also delivered in the hospital, nursing home, assisted living facility, adult foster care facility, or wherever the patient lives. Wings of Hope can work with facilities outside of the county if that is where the patient and family prefer care.

Anyone Can Make a Referral

Are you wondering how you can obtain our services? Simply call Wings of Hope Hospice. Since physician certification is required, we can contact your doctor on your behalf about becoming a hospice patient. Physicians may also call our office directly to refer you to our services. We will evaluate you or your loved one at a time and place convenient for you to determine whether you qualify for hospice care.

If you’re not sure whether you qualify for or even want hospice care, call us. We’ll come, at no cost to you, and help you make a decision. Do you need more information or want to refer a patient? We are available by phone 24 hours a day. Please call 269-686-8659 or 800-796-2676.

Wondering if this is a good fit? Fill out our form to learn if it’s time for hospice.