Grief Support

Grieving is a normal and natural reaction to losing someone or something very special. The death of a loved one, even when anticipated, even when welcomed, can create emotional and physical challenges for the surviving loved ones.

When death occurs, children, adolescents, and adults are often overwhelmed by the wide range of reactions to loss. The pain is deep, and each person’s grieving process is unique, so Wings of Hope Hospice offers a wide range of bereavement and grief counseling services, including:

Our services are both supportive and educational. We are committed to being a compassionate presence, guiding all who request our services through the journey of grief. Our grief support services are available, at no charge, to anyone in the community grieving the loss of a loved one, even if he or she did not use our patient care services.

Family Grief Support

Family Grief Support is a Wings of Hope Hospice program of intensive support to families of hospice patients during the 13-month period following the death of their loved one. Individual sessions, group activities (as listed below), and periodic mailings provide an extra measure of support. If a grieving person wishes to continue grief work following the 13-month service period, grief support remains available indefinitely.

Below is a list of additional Wings of Hope Hospice grief services:

Growing Through Grief

Growing Through Grief is a five-part educational series designed to help adult participants understand the grieving process.

Holiday Workshops

Holiday Workshops are offered for adults coping without a loved one during the holiday season.

Annual Remembering Service

Annual Remembering Service is an event for hospice families and hospice team members to grieve together while remembering those they have lost.

Contact Wings of Hope Hospice to learn how our grief services can be put to work for you and your loved ones.