Family & Friends of Wings of Hope Hospice

Not sure if we’re the right people to call? Hear what our patients’ loved ones have to say about their experiences.

"Far more comfortable ... "

I know that my dad’s remaining days on earth were far more comfortable thanks to you! Your support, your prayers, your concerns, and your love, which you gave to our family, knew no limits. How much more comforted we felt to know that you were with us every inch of the way! May God bless each of you; give you His strength and support as you go about your routines!”

"Words cannot express … "

Words cannot express the way we feel. Thank you for helping to take care of the family and my mom. I would not want to imagine going down the long, hard road without people like you!”

"Thank you for all the kind and generous things you did for us …"

Thank you for all the kind and generous things you did for us during Royal’s illness. Everyone I came in contact with was very warm and caring. I would have been at a loss if it were not for everything you did when I asked for help. My thoughts and prayers are with you always. Thank you again.”
~ Cheryl Kirby

"Thank you to all of you compassionate & professional people …"

Wings of Hope Staff & Volunteers,

Thank you to all of you compassionate & professional people. It would be wonderful if doctors & other caregivers were not so hesitant to refer patients & families to hospice more often and not so late in the illness. Hospice has ministered to several of my family members with the latest being my husband Hans. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize he was so close to being with the Lord or he would have received your extra care and comfort sooner.

Daryl, thank you for your comfort & time with both Hans & me. He really loved hymns & gospel music & “Rock of Ages” was one of his favorites. Pastor Jim, your visit with us sharing conversation, scriptures & prayers was greatly appreciated. You are & were a blessing to Hans & me with your presence. Both of you.

God Bless All of You & Thank you.
~ Donna Christensen

"What a wonderful and caring group of people …"

What a wonderful and caring group of people. I was not able to meet all of you. But your card says it all. It was great comfort to know you were there to help Pam and myself. She was always comfortable. Thank you for your prayers and kind words.
~ David Hunt

"We appreciate all of your help …"

To the staff of Wings of Hope that helped to keep Mom as comfortable as possible during the time you were with us and everyone else involved…We appreciate all of your help, your kindness and genuine care that you provided. Thank you!
~ Michelle Perkins

"Takes the pressure off …"

We had people (Wings of Hope Hospice) come in to help. It took my folks time to accept this – they didn’t like strangers in the house. But you’ve got to have help. You’ve got to take care of yourself. Let people come in so you can take a day off. Accept all the help you’re offered. If you can have hospice, grab it with both hands. Don’t hesitate. It takes the pressure off the family. It’s a great thing. When it’s over, at least you know you did all you could.”

"You came at the right time …"

You came at the right time. I don’t know what I’d done without you and your girls. You all were a Godsend. I appreciate everything you did. Thank you. He’s at peace now. Nor more pain and that was his goal – pain-free.”
~ Nellie Myers

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