Volunteer Spotlight: Sue Cade

Our Volunteer Spotlight is shining on Sue Cade, a true “Girl Friday,” who we rely on to help at our office, and who is dedicated to making a difference for the good in the lives of our patients and their loved ones.

Sue Cade started volunteering with Wings of Hope in 1999.  She used her knowledge from working at the Post Office, to teach Wings of Hope the proper way to complete bulk mailings.  Not only did this save Wings of Hope some money, but also Sue’s leadership developed a contingent of hard-working,

fun-loving, volunteers.  Throughout the year, they help with various mailings such as labeling postcards for special events, and stuffing envelopes for financial appeals.  Sometimes they work several weeks to complete a large project.  You can tell they are here when laughter erupts from the conference room.  Who knew mailings could be so much fun?

Sue’s dedication did not stop with mailings.  Over the years, she added answering the office phones during staff meetings, representing Wings of Hope for volunteer recruitment at area Expos, and placing butterflies on the Allegan County Fair Parade Memorial Float.  She also supports some of our patients and their loved ones in their home by providing companionship, and giving their caregiver a needed opportunity to run errands.

When our Wings Home opened the fall of 2010, Sue added direct patient care to her many talents.  The Wings Home is a four-bedroom residential home where terminally ill Wings of Hope Hospice patients are cared for in the final few weeks of life.  This includes making meals, giving medications, washing laundry, housekeeping, assisting with activities of daily living, and encouraging patients along their journey.

No matter which area Sue volunteers, she offers a thoughtful, kind, caring effort.  It is a privilege to know her.  She has made a genuine difference for our patients, their loved ones, and for Wings of Hope staff.

Thank you Sue!  We deeply appreciate you!

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