Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Bob Ashby

Wings: Tell us a little about yourself.
Bob: I am retired (72yrs old).
I was raised in the state of Wyoming, on a farm & cattle operation an hour from Yellowstone Park.
I am an Army vet (where I accepted Christ) with 10yrs combined in classified communications and later as a chaplain’s assistant.
I have a BA in Biblical/Pastoral studies and a Post-BA education degree. After teaching, I was in Security for Holland Hosp. for 12yrs.
Over the last 25 years, I have worked with the Holland Police Dept. as a victim advocate (22 years), taught Bible at the Family facility for the Holland Rescue Mission (15 years), and wrote and opinion column for the Holland Sentinel (15 years).
I enjoy photography, shooting, and New Testament Greek.

Wings: How long have you been volunteering with Wings of Hope?
Bob: Approximately 2yrs

Wings: How did you get started?
Bob: A friend mentioned the program for honoring veterans before they die. As part of the orientation with Phyllis, I made some bereavement calls and realized that that was where I should serve.

Wings: What motivates you to serve here?
Bob: I would like to think that what I do supports people in the process of grief; that for some folks, I represent a comforting hand.

Wings: What’s your favorite thing about volunteering with us?
Bob: Talking with clients – hearing their story in such a way as to find the best way to support them emotionally, with pragmatic needs, and spiritually if appropriate.

Wings: What would you say to someone who’s thinking of volunteering?
Bob: There is so much need in people’s lives. If you are someone who enjoys being a part of helping to meet those needs, volunteering is a wonderful way to be there for them.

Wings: What is a favorite Wings memory?
Bob: There have been a couple of clients who were really hurting and struggling with accepting both how their loved one died as well as their personal suffering. I was able to establish a trust with them and walked with them over many extended phone conversations.

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