Help Along the Way

Hospice is a gift of more time, more hope, more dignity and more love. The team at Wings of Hope Hospice helps dying patients and their loved ones enjoy their remaining time together.

This Time Begins with Straight Talk.

Hospice is end-of-life care for people who are not expected to live longer than six months. Hospice is desirable when a patient chooses to stop receiving tests and treatments or a physician believes a patient’s medical condition will not improve with more tests or more procedures. At Wings of Hope Hospice, we improve understanding, increase comfort, relieve the pain and fear of dying and help patients live more abundantly for their remaining months, weeks or days.

Help Along the Way.

Wings of Hope Hospice doctors, nurses and volunteers provide skilled emdical care and comfort care for the unique needs of end-of-life patients. In fact, a Wings of Hope Hospice nurse is always available by phone to address medical needs. Patients and family members can also ask questions or share concerns about death and dying to increase their comfort and acceptance. Wings of Hope Hospice staff provide objective and professional counsel that is unhurried and reassuring. Caregiving may also include emotional and spiritual support, grief support, and occasional respite care, to give family caregivers a needed break.

Benefits of Choosing Wings of Hope Hospice:

  • You are in the driver’s seat of your life, making choices about your end-of-life care.
  • You can focus on your life’s purpose, meaning and goals as you approach the end of your life.
  • You benefit from advanced medical strategies that eliminate or minimize pain and disease symptoms.
  • Your family members or other caregivers receive specialized care, training and support to help meet your needs.
  • Your care is a completely covered service, provided at no charge to you.

Minimize Pain.

Some terminal medical conditions cause pain, as do some treatments for those conditions. The expert caregivers at Wings of Hope Hospice are uniquely qualified to provide many options to minimize pain. Family members are comforted to know that their loved ones do not have to experience a painful death.

Have the Conversation Now.

Talking about death is the best way for a person to share what gives his or her life meaning. Sharing increases a dying person’s control and reveals and respects his or her preferences. A conversation often brings great comfort, freedom from fear, and best of all, an informed plan about what comes next. So plan to talk, and talk about a plan to involve hospice as early as possible.

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