Giving Back

I had often thought because I had been blessed with the wonderful support of Wings of Hope Hospice in the past for both my Dad and Mom in their final days that I would like to volunteer at Wings Home some day and return the favor for the blessings my family had received.

Late last January when I heard from a good friend that Wings Home needed more volunteers I thought I would I give it a try.  What I didn’t realize was how being a Wings Home Volunteer actually blessed me more than I could have imagined and that it really felt very good to help others in their time of need.

Rewarding Experience

I work with an awesome group of “new friends” that continue to amaze me on a daily basis as I watch them do their best to go above and beyond to help each patient to feel at “home”, loved, cared for, and as comfortable as possible as they go through what may be one of the toughest times of their lives.

Each day at the Wings Home I am honored to witness real life “heroes” at work first hand; the Chaplain, nursing staff, CNA staff, volunteers, office staff and many others who come together…helping families and the patients to have more peace and strength throughout their loved one’s stay at Wings Home.  It truly is a beautiful rewarding experience.

It feels good to do my best to help each patient to feel welcomed and whenever possible to bring a smile to their face.  I feel so appreciated every day that I work there and being with my patients gives me a whole new perspective on how precious life is and that you can make a difference in peoples’ lives even more than you thought you ever could.

As a Christian, I always ask God to bless me with the ability to do my best as a caregiver and friend to not only each patient, but also to their families and friends.  I know God is with me through it all and that being Christ-like to others at Wings Home has made my faith even stronger.   I have seen God at work every day at Wings Home in many ways, it is so powerful to witness.

Volunteer at Wings Home

I recommend to anyone who is interested in volunteering, even a day a month to give it a chance.  You may be surprised at how you will be blessed in more ways than you ever imagined.

I am retired now and enjoy my volunteer work at Wings Home more than ever!!

Thank you to everyone that I have had the pleasure of working with; you are the best and you do make a huge difference in the lives of people!

Feeling Blessed,
Peggy Lane


Photo credit: Craig Gardiner Photography

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    • Greg, thank you for your post.

      Shadowing a current Wings Home volunteer is a great way to see if this kind of volunteer work is for you. Call the Wings of Hope office to learn more: 269-686-8659.

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