Passion for helping our community better understand hospice & palliative care

Community Education & Relationship Building

The Wings of Hope vision statement emphasizes that as we help people live more fully and benefit from the gift of their own mortality, we will increase the comfort level of our culture to embrace life’s later stages as a natural phase and we will work to decrease fear and increase knowledge associated with life-limiting illness. As the Wings of Hope Hospice Community Education Coordinator I strive to help our community and service area become more understanding of hospice care and palliative care. My position is based on offering education related to the benefits and services that Wings of Hope provides and expressing the importance of knowing us before you need us. When the time comes to use our services (or refer our services to someone in need) my hope is that the relationship and comfort level with Wings of Hope Hospice already exists.

Pride & Passion for Community Education

I’m passionate about our community looking to Wings Of Hope as the leader in our area providing quality, compassionate end of life care.  As the Community Education Coordinator I represent our organization through presentations, representation at local events and health fairs, and by connecting with our local health care providers. Wings of Hope holds pride in providing education to patients, families, and communities we serve and I want to make sure I uphold that level of pride.

Being a Compassionate “Storyteller”

Being the Community Educator means I have to be well educated on Hospice benefits, prepared, organized and passionate about Hospice Care along with its value. Essentially, I am marketing our Hospice, but without a core passion and belief for what our clinical staff does I will not succeed in being the storyteller for the heartfelt care they provide. I need my “stories” to resonate by expressing my true passion about Wings of Hope Hospice.  My empathy is sincere and with that, the passion I have for this Hospice exudes.

Community Education from our Team of Experts

I am usually out and about through our service area working alone calling on various doctors offices, hospitals, nursing homes and senior centers, but I have so many resources and teammates that can enhance what I do. They are the people providing the care that Wings of Hope is committed to.  I have made sure to develop friendships and working relationships with my teammates, and recognize their contributions to Wings of Hope. Being equipped with a team of experts in a variety of healthcare areas and knowing their strengths allows me to offer additional educational opportunities. We can provide in-services to physicians and hospital departments, hold speaking engagements at facilities, meet with area businesses and churches, and offer presentations to community groups and nursing homes to name a few.

Wings of Hope views our community education as a way of transforming the way the community views death and dying by sharpening it’s understanding of hospice. We want everyone in our service area to appreciate the unique role Wings of Hope Hospice plays in meeting the needs of end of life patients.  We also want our community members to feel comforted by their knowledge of hospice and palliative care and we hope to be able to help provide that comfort.  Wings of Hope offers many opportunities for members of our community we serve to learn about a broad variety of topics around end of life. These opportunities are provided at no-cost, can be tailored to your groups specific needs, and are outlined below.


Author: Christine Armintrout, Community Education Coordinator

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