Fun Facts About the 2016 Great Cookie Caper

The student councils of three area elementary schools, Alamo, Washington, and Dix Street, provided the holiday cookies and packaged them for delivery. This year 23 volunteer drivers shared their time to deliver over 200 trays of holiday cookies to patient families that we now serve and those we have served in the past year. We […]

Fundraising IS a Profession!

Professional Fundraising A friend of mine has been a professional fundraiser for over 30 years. She has worked for many nonprofits raising millions of dollars. When she got her first fundraising job, her father said to her “They PAY you to do this?!!” Yes, they paid her. It is a profession. There are university degrees […]

The Final Voice

Introduction As the generation of people who are faced with decisions for our parents, we are so very many times their final voice.  We are a society that plans for almost all changes in life. We plan for graduation, our wedding, the birth of a baby, college and retirement yet most of us avoid planning […]

Hospice Volunteer – Bereavement

I have been a hospice volunteer in bereavement for Wings of Hope Hospice for 16 years. This ‘job’ came about as a way for me to give back after I had been helped through a rough patch myself. Open Door Grief Support Policy I am very proud to be associated with Wings and am proudest […]

When Is It Time For Hospice?

Hospice Benefit in Last Months Hospice care is a benefit for individuals in their last months of life.  Hospice regulations say that if a physician’s best estimate is that the individual has 6 months or less to live if his or her disease follows its typical course, that person is eligible for hospice services.  Hospice […]

Grief & Wounded Warriors

Wounded Warriors I have been especially moved lately by television commercials I have seen about wounded warriors.  A poignant story is shared about a soldier who has been severely injured in the line of duty.  The effect of the injury on this individual’s family is shared as well.  Some amazing examples of human determination combined with what to me […]